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Therapist: Nikki Lynch

Nikki has had a long career in working with children both neurodiverse and neurotypical. She has also worked with Adults with Additional Needs. During her work over recent years Nikki became increasingly interested in Play Therapy and its practices.

Nikki has dedicated herself to providing genuine, high quality and accesible Play Therapy services and has now established her own Play Therapy practice.

Using Child Centered Play Therapy practices she found the impact it can have on children struggling with life’s challenges.

Play Therapist: Nikki Lynch

As a therapist she is committed to providing a safe, caring, empathetic and accepting space to help children overcome their social, emotional and behavioural difficulties.

Her core goals are to deliver a developmental, creative and fun experience for the children, alongside a safe, caring, supportive resource for parents and families.

A.M.I. - Association Montessori Internationale
ARCHTI -Association of Registered Complimentary Health  Therapists of Ireland
 National Counselling and Psychotherapy Society
Early Childhood Ireland.
Children First TUSLA
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