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Frequently Asked Questions

What age is Play Therapy for?

From 3 to 11 years.


How long Is each session?

45-50 minutes.

Care To Play Therapy materials and toys
How much does play therapy cost?

Every attempt is made to see clients on time. To work towards this goal, payment is due before each session. Payments can be made by online on confirmation of appointment. Twenty four (24) hours’ notice is required to CANCEL OR RESCHEDULE an appointment to avoid being billed for the full fee of the missed session.


Initial Consultation (60 mins) 95 €
Treatment session (50 mins) 85 €
How often are sessions?



What kind of activities happen during a session?

Art, Role-play, Movement, Sand tray, Therapeutic stories, Small World Play
(Small World includes family/nurturing, expressive toys, scary toys, aggressive toys, and pretend/fantasy toys)


Can the child bring their own toys?

We advise against children bringing their own toys to play therapy. In play therapy, we hope to establish new patterns of communication and behaviors which may be inhibited if children are bringing in materials for which they have already established a pattern with which to play.


Do I stay during the session?

In play therapy, children are the clients and are entitled to a confidential relationship with their therapist. In Care To Play Therapy we believe children deserve the freedom to talk or play in a safe environment free from parent expectations, emotions, or judgment. At Care To Play Therapy we do not allow parents/guardians to observe play therapy sessions. However, we also believe in the parent’s rights and responsibilities for their child. We will work consistently with parents/guardians to keep parents informed of progress of their child’s sessions.


How many sessions will my child need?

Every child is different and the Play Therapy process varies from child to child. Generally 6-8 sessions are required.


When and what times?

Monday to Friday 10am to 2pm.


Do I need a referral?

No. Care to Play Therapy operate an open referral system which means that anybody can make a referral for Play Therapy including parents, guardians or professionals.


How does the initial process work?

Initial contact over the phone or through email. The therapist will answer any questions you may have about Play Therapy and will then organise a parent intake meeting where detailed information on the child will be gathered and the process of the sessions will be discussed in more detail.


Is Care to Play Insured?

Care To Play Therapy is fully insured.


Are sessions confidential?

Yes, sessions are completely confindential.
If a therapist has a concern about a child's welfare, it is their professional duty to report the concern to the Deputy Liaison Person (DLP). The DLP will take appropriate measures to deal with the concern; including contacting the Garda Siochana or TUSLA.

For full details please see: Privacy Policy on our Policies page.

Care To Play Therapy Room
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